Privilege Place in Today’s General Counsel

Todd Presnell authors a quarterly column titled Privilege Place in the Today’s General Counsel Magazine. TGC “is a business law resource for General Counsel, CEOs, CFOs, and other C-Level decision makers,” and “is the only award winning publication to address the information needs of all members of the C-Suite.”

Mr. Presnell’s Privilege Place columns focus on privilege issues specifically facing in-house counsel. You may access them via the links below:

Privilege Place (Jan. 2021)




To CC or Not to CC: That is the Privilege Question, Today’s General Counsel, Jan. 2021




Privilege Place (Fall 2020)



Need to Know Rules for In-House Counsel, Today’s General Counsel, Fall 2020






Privilege Place (Summer 2020)



No Communications, No Privilege, Today’s General Counsel, Summer 2020





Privilege Place (Spring 2020)



Whistleblowing to In-House Counsel, Today’s General Counsel, Spring 2020





Privilege Place (Winter 2020)



Privilege and Legal Holds, Today’s General Counsel, Winter 2020





Privilege Place (Fall 2019)



Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Privilege Protection, Today’s General Counsel, Fall 2019





Privilege Place (Summer 2019)



In-House Counsel, PR Consultants and the Privilege, Today’s General Counsel, Summer 2019.





Privilege Place (Spring 2019)



Employees, Agents, and the Attorney-Client Privilege, Today’s General Counsel, Spring 2019.