Privilege Place in Today’s General Counsel

Todd Presnell authors a quarterly column titled Privilege Place in the Today’s General Counsel Magazine. TGC “is a business law resource for General Counsel, CEOs, CFOs, and other C-Level decision makers,” and “is the only award winning publication to address the information needs of all members of the C-Suite.”

Mr. Presnell’s Privilege Place columns focus on privilege issues specifically facing in-house counsel. You may access them via the links below:

Privilege Place Summer 2020



No Communications, No Privilege, Today’s General Counsel, Summer 2020





Privilege Place Spring 2020



Whistleblowing to In-House Counsel, Today’s General Counsel, Spring 2020





Privilege Place Winter 2020



Privilege and Legal Holds, Today’s General Counsel, Winter 2020





Privilege Place: Fall 2019



Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Privilege Protection, Today’s General Counsel, Fall 2019





Privilege Place: Summer 2019



In-House Counsel, PR Consultants and the Privilege, Today’s General Counsel, Summer 2019.





Privilege Place: Spring 2019



Employees, Agents, and the Attorney-Client Privilege, Today’s General Counsel, Spring 2019.