The clergy–communicant privilege, historically known as the priest–penitent privilege, protects from discovery and trial evidence communications between an individual and a clergy member. And for good policy reasons—the privilege encourages individuals to seek spiritual guidance without fear that clergy members will later reveal these confidential confessions.

Whenever I read about the clergy–communicant privilege, I’m reminded of the Seinfeld confessional scene where Jerry, who is Jewish, consults a Catholic priest to complain about a dentist’s conversion to Judaism.  You may see that hilarious scene is this clip:

But the situation involving Lonny Mays and Rudy Romdall is no laughing matter.  Mays shot and killed Romdall while Romdall and his dog sat in a pickup truck in the Sky Village retirement community where they both resided.  Mays immediately went to see a neighbor and retired Pentecostal minister Joseph Rhodes.Keep Reading this POP Post