A Texas appellate court granted a mandamus petition and held that the attorney–client privilege protects communications between a corporation’s attorney and its client representative.  The court upheld the privilege even though the representative also served as the corporation’s expert witness and the communications pertained to draft of his expert report.  In re Texas Windstorm Ins. Ass’n, 2016 WL 7234466 (Tex. Ct. App. Dec. 13, 2016).  You may read the decision here.

Hurricane Ike

After Hurricane Ike blew through Dickinson, Texas, the city sued Texas Windstorm Insurance Association claiming that TWIA owed it more money for property-damage claims.  TWIA filed a summary-judgment motion and attached the affidavit of Paul Strickland, TWIA’s corporate representative and a disclosed, non-retained expert.  You may see the disclosure here.Keep Reading this POP Post