Thompson Reuters’ Westlaw Journal White-Collar Crime recently published my article, Informer’s Privilege Prevents Disclosure of Confidential Informant in Islamic State-Related Prosecution, Policein its April 2016 issue.

In an ISIS-related criminal case, a federal court in Minneapolis applied the government–informant privilege to preclude pre-indictment disclosure of a FBI confidential informant.  The court’s ruling means that, at least for now, the government can maintain its informant’s secrecy.  United States v. Abdulkadir, 2015 WL 9581871 (D. Minn. Dec. 31, 2015).

In this article, I discuss the government-informant privilege, including the distinction between an informant who participated in the criminal act and an informant who simply provides a tip regarding upcoming or past criminal conduct, and the court’s ruling.  You may read the article here.